Sampler Day

This Class is suitable for:

  • Adults
  • Kids
  • Teens

Times: When registering please specify which class and time you are registering for.

Cost: $10


Have you ever wanted to join a art class but weren’t sure where to start or what medium to choose.

We are offering a “Sampler Day” to students new to Hunakai.

Saturday April 22 from 1-4pm sign up for 1 or 2 classes to sample. (Moved from 4/2)

Classes are designed to have both teens (5th grade +) and adults. Except the Elementary Art class

Watercolors – 1-2:30pm

Oil Painting- 2:30-4pm

Pastels- 2:30-4pm

Drawing- 1- 2:30pm or 2:30-4pm

Elementary Art – 1- 2:30pm or 2:30-4pm

A deposit of $10 is required for materials and to register for a spot. $10 per class.

When registering please answer “No” to “Is this the First Class you are registering for this year?*” This will bring the total to $10. Please also in the day/time section specify which class (ex. Pastels, Drawing etc.) you would like to sample. 

Deadline for signups is 4/18.

Written by Hunakai Studio