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What our Mosaics Exhibition Taught Us

The Mosaics: Cultural Connections was an art exhibition that went from November 15-December 2 at Hunakai Studio located at 263 Central Street, in Foxboro. It wasn’t your typical exhibition. There weren’t any collections from patrons, not famous artists, and no big foundations contributing to the event. You did find something else there, however. At Mosaics,… Read More

The Connection Between Creativity and Intelligence

Are people with high IQ’s more creative? Are highly creative people, more intelligent? Are creativity and intelligence related at all to one another? The verdict is still out on all of these questions; however, science has provided us with many ideas to ponder on the subject. Formal analysis of the relationship between creativity and intelligence… Read More

Tips For Working With Clay

Working with clay can be a bit tricky and unpredictable if you lack experience. Clay is a wonderfully flexible medium of art, if you follow a few simple rules. Here we provide you with an easy guide, and a few important tips, to help you create artwork with clay. 1.        If you’re going to work… Read More

Mosaics: Creating Cultural Connections Through Art

There is no better time on the planet to participate in the creation of events that bring different cultures together for the sake of appreciating one another’s contributions. Throughout history, it has been proven that one of the best ways to create connections is through various forms of artistic expression. Mosaics, is an art form… Read More

MOSAICS: An Exploration of Mankind’s Universal Search for Beauty

November 15th marks the beginning of the Mosaics event, which lasts until December 2nd. Mosaics, a multicultural event, is a time where men and women, boys and girls, can see what they have in common with those from other cultures. This is going to be facilitated through artistic forms. So far there have already been… Read More

Going to Art College: Adults [3 of 3]

Sometimes life isn’t as perfect or as generous as it seems to be in the movies. Maybe you wanted to be a writer or photographer, or maybe you daydreamed about one of your paintings selling for more than your parents’ house. If this sounds like you, it’s okay… you’re not alone. When people attend college… Read More

Going to Art College: High School Students [2 of 3]

When it comes to honing in on your skills and practicing your craft, many people have different needs. Some just want to take a few classes in order to test out their creativity, and others want to make a career out of it. For those who are looking to make art a large part of… Read More

Going to Art College: Young Children [1 of 3]

Generally, most people find their calling during junior or senior year of High school. However, for some people, specifically the creative types, there is no question at all. For the most part, writers, musicians, and other artists know what they want by a very young age. If you have an artistically inclined son or daughter,… Read More

Common Mistakes Made When Drawing

There are many ways now to teach oneself how to draw. The Internet, books, and DVD’s provide instruction for budding artists and do a pretty decent job at teaching basic drawing skills; but without an instructor, it is often difficult to improve and go to the next level.   If you choose to use one… Read More

Caring For Your Paint Brushes

Any artist knows that painting supplies are like a craftsman’s tools, and are an integral part of the creation process. In the beginning, you may be able to get away with buying less expensive supplies, but as you grow in your artistic endeavors, you will want to upgrade your paint and brushes, to produce a… Read More