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Bookmarking and Illustration Class

Are your kids just sitting around this summer without anything to do?  We have the perfect solution to get them out of the house for a few hours.  Bookmarking and Illustration is the name of the class and it is instructed by Kat Gerry.   The students enrolled will start by making their own book… Read More

Did You Know That Art Education Fuels the Economy?

Each year there are battles in the school vote on what to cut back on, splurge, or get rid of completely.  The arts are always something that is seen as an elective and does not hold as much weight as math or history.  What should go through educators’ minds is how an education in art… Read More

Encouraging Self-Expression Through Art

Early in your child’s life it is important to allow them to express themselves in healthy ways. One of the healthiest ways for your child to express themselves is through art.  How exactly are you going to encourage your child to express themselves when we live in a world where being the same as everyone… Read More

Creating an at Home Gallery for Your Children’s Art

When children are developing their artistic skills it is important to show them their work is important and it is important to make them feel like the work they are doing is special to you. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to display their work and keep it around the home. You… Read More

How to Communicate to Children about Their Art

The great thing about art is that there is no right or wrong, no yes or no answers.  It is completely open to the artist’s interpretation.  You want to always encourage children to express themselves whether it is on a canvas, through music, dance or other hobby.  When speaking to your child about their art… Read More

The Healing Powers of Art

There’s a reason that art is timeless. Some things about art just never change, regardless of how advance the world around us may become. Those who can still create and appreciate natural art in a world of distractions, will be much more whole, and at peace. This is because of the phenomenal healing powers of… Read More

How Art Improves Memory

Art is wonderful for your heart, spirit and brain. This is what makes creativity such a great tool for education. Artistic freedom will support your brain as it absorbs information, which helps you retain information better. Whether its music, dancing, painting, or singing, art in any form helps us boost our memories. Look at early… Read More

Art and Art Education Facilitate Creative Problem Solving

Children, especially young children and toddlers, do not understand the meaning of the word “compromise.” That is a lesson many adults learn later in life. However, art education (and all the benefits that the arts bring) includes lessons in creative problem solving. These skills need to be developed early on in life, and an engagement… Read More

8 Reasons to Consider Learning How to Use Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop has become so popular that not only do most people recognize the name; it’s also become a verb. This is with good reason; it’s an extremely valuable tool and has turned mediocre pictures into masterpieces. There are many good reasons that people should learn how to use it. This program helps you to… Read More

How to Improve Your Artistic Ability

Many people can be heard saying “I am not the artistic type but I wish I knew how to paint.” The truth is, you do not have to have to be a Pablo Picasso at birth in order to be able to express yourself in artistic ways. Here are a couple of tips to help… Read More