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The Art of Composition with Painting and Drawing

Contrary to popular belief, an understanding and knack for composition is not simply bestowed on each of us when we pick up our first drawing or painting utensil. In fact, it’s an understanding that we must grow and cultivate over time, as we draw more and learn more about art. Instead of presenting composition as… Read More

College Prep: How to Build an Impressive Art Portfolio

College prep time is upon us. The deadlines for some college applications are quickly approaching, and many (if not all) of these universities, depending on the program, will request an art portfolio as part of your application process. Here are a few tips to ensure that you build an art portfolio that gets noticed! Show… Read More

How to Find Your Unique Art Style

Famous artists always have a thing. A style that permeates their work and leaves a mark with their name on it. But for new artists, it can be difficult to find what that thing is for themselves. When it comes to finding your art style, it can take a while to find what’s unique to… Read More

People Drawing People: Tips for Drawing Portraits

The human face presents a challenge to some artists, urging them to tackle and practice drawing the subject with adept skill and patience. With facial features, shapes, colors, and more to consider, figuring out an appropriate starting place proves difficult for new artists. To start, try using the following tips for drawing portraits! Start with… Read More

The Many Benefits of Art Classes for Children

In recent years, a large focus on common core subjects has manifested in your child’s educational curriculum. These courses are very important, allowing your children to excel and be better prepared for their futures. However, there is more to your child’s development than just math, science and history. Their creativity, passion, and other important life… Read More

A Beginner’s Guide to Watercolor Painting

Watercolor painting lends itself to mess-free, low-risk experimentation, allowing new artists to express themselves in fun and creative ways. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you start painting with watercolors! Don’t be afraid of mixing too much paint you need more than you think, so prepare yourself by mixing a good… Read More

How Kids Can Express Themselves through Comic Books

Creative writing and finding self-expression can be hard at such a young age, so why not let your children express themselves with something fun and interactive: comic books! Encourages creative writing Comic books seem to serve as an effective gateway to some kids who tend to struggle to embrace creative writing. This avenue allows them… Read More

Key Components of Installation Art and Why it’s Great for Teens

As kids grow into teens, sometimes they grow out of old hobbies and grow into more culturally and creatively developed ones. Installation art in particular is a great art form for teens to engage with for several reasons. This type of contemporary art is displayed in a three-dimensional space and uses the available environment to… Read More

Risk-taking Experiments: Why Working in Mixed Media is Great for Teens

When creating a work of art, there are many people who prefer to use a single medium. For example, they will spend all of their time creating their artwork with watercolors and opt against using ink and colored pencils as well. This is not a bad approach to take, but using mixed media can be… Read More

4 Tips for Drawing Animals Accurately

Do you love to draw animals? It can be an incredible experience to sit down and draw a picture of a dog, cat, horse, bear, giraffe, or other animal. Drawing these sorts of figures will allow you to see the intricacies of each animal and gain a better appreciation for them. Hunakai Fine Arts Studio… Read More