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Give the Gift of Art With Hunakai

With the holidays fast approaching, it’s time to start buying gifts for your loved ones. Instead of the same old gift cards or T-shirts, and consider giving the gift of art for the holidays! Hunakai Studio of Fine Arts offers a number of classes for kids, teens and adults all throughout the year, with classes… Read More

Developing an Artist Portfolio

While many hopeful college applicants send in applications to colleges without knowing exactly what they want to do in the future, many students already know what their passion is – art. Aspiring art students understand who they are and who they want to be, but applying to many art schools is a competitive process, where… Read More

Enjoy Hunakai Workshops During Winter Break

December is upon us, and there are many things we love about this month – the holiday cheer, spending time with loved ones, and taking a much-needed break from work and school. It’s nice to use some of that time to just relax, but winter break can also be a great time to engage in… Read More

Growing up With Art

Art provides children an avenue for creativity, and a place for them to express themselves in a safe, imaginative way. Getting children involved in art classes from an early age inspires them to explore new ways of expression and imagination. Because we recognize the importance of art in a young child’s life, we created a… Read More

‘Tis the Season to be Artistic with November Break Workshops

November is the unofficial start of the winter holiday season, and though we have a few more weeks until the true start of winter, once Thanksgiving arrives everyone is in the mood for holiday festivities. Art plays a huge role in the joy we experience during this time of year, as most cultures see the… Read More

Drawing As an Art Foundation

All artists must first learn to be comfortable with their drawing skills, as drawing provides a basis for most art forms. When a sculptor or a painter begins work on a new piece, he or she typically begins with an initial sketch that will be drawn and redone until the artist knows what his or… Read More

Three Thanksgiving Craft Projects

As you and your kids gear up for Thanksgiving, it is important to keep them occupied and not staring at the television. We suggest doing some fun, inexpensive craft projects this year with them. Below are our three favorite projects to do with the young ones. Pine Cone Turkey What could be more festive than… Read More

Use Your Hands to Make Art This Month

Some people love to paint, others love to draw, and others still like working with their hands. This month at the Hunakai Studio of Fine Arts, we offer those hands-on artists a special opportunity to create unique artworks all their own with our 3D Sculpture and Mixed Media and Acrylic Painting class sessions. 3D Sculpture… Read More

Join Our Print Making Workshop on Nov. 22

Come and join Hunakai Studio of Fine Arts for our next exciting upcoming event! From 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Nov. 22, we will be hosting a print making workshop. This workshop will focus on collotype printing and an exploration of monotype printing. The cost of this class is $50, and we do break for… Read More

Four Famous Artworks to Celebrate Autumn

One of our favorite things to do in the fall is admire some of the beautiful artworks that capture the incredible colors and feelings of the season. Here are four of our favorite famous fall artworks to start the autumn season off right. “Apple Tree with Red Fruit” “Apple Tree with Red Fruit” was painted… Read More