Art and Art Education Facilitate Creative Problem Solving

Benefit of Art Classes

Children, especially young children and toddlers, do not understand the meaning of the word “compromise.” That is a lesson many adults learn later in life. However, art education (and all the benefits that the arts bring) includes lessons in creative problem solving.

These skills need to be developed early on in life, and an engagement in the arts is the best way to do this. It might seem a little counter-intuitive at first. How can critical thinking be tied into something like art- which is supposed to be about aesthetics and beauty?


Hear us out.


Diving into arts can help a child to see that there is more than one answer to a question, and teaches them to see things from different perspectives. One of the major lessons to be learned from art is to see something from a different perspective. This can be a different point of view, or learning about new cultures. This teaches children to interpret the world in a far more open minded way.


One example of this is an activity you can do with your kids or students: whenever they seem bored, give them inexpensive materials to work with and tell them to create a structure that can stand on its own. Not only is it creative, but it teaches the children that as long as the structure stands, there is no wrong answer. This encourages them to come up with their own ideas and be creative.


What about adults?


Every day adults are faced with questions we need to answer and decisions we need to make. If a person is involved in the arts at a young age, then they are introduced to the critical thinking necessary for the economical world we live in.


Also, this is a great time to introduce that a little bit of frustration is ok. Frustration causes a person to seek out different options and employ out of the box thinking.


An introduction to the arts is an amazing way to get a person in the habit of seeking out new answers and seeing a situation from a new perspective.


At Hunakai Studio, instructors and students have participated in a University of Massachusetts study exploring the possible positive results on delaying and even reversing some symptoms of age on the human brain. Try an art class, it might improve the quality of your life regardless of age.