Art and Society – How Creativity Impacts Culture

A beautiful form of personal expression, art allows us to view our world and experiences through the lens of unique multiple media forms. Paintings, photographs, models, sculptures, chalks and more give us a space for creativity and positive stress relief, cultivating new feelings and emotions within us.

Similarly, art impacts and reflects our society and culture, capturing moments in history while also compelling us to think in new and innovative ways. According to an article from H-Net Reviews, art plays a critical role in showing the social conditions of the past and present while also molding the public’s perceptions of these conditions.

Art and SocietyArtists often decide how to portray events during any given moment in time and the public decides how to interpret the art, and thus the event. For example, the article on H-Net speaks about how artists would depict war scenes without the hardships of war, such as pain, hunger and death, but instead with beautiful landscapes and stately portraits of generals, glamourizing battle scenes. Thus the realities of war were lost on the public until artists started representing more genuine and accurate scenes, influencing the way society understood war.

Art is extremely powerful. According to the Common Cause Foundation, art can trigger reflection, create dialogue, instill new ideas and generate empathy. Art has the capacity to help us build new capabilities and learn new ways of existing. We can use art to create and grow new ideas, leading to improvements and innovations in society. In turn, society can offer up new philosophies and events, inspiring artists to discover their deepest potentials and capabilities.

Art changes society as society changes art. The cycle has continued throughout history and will continue to evolve as art and society grow and change together.

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