Benefits of Art for the Elderly

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to create art. For some, it’s a living. For others, it’s a hobby. However, the elderly now have reasons to get creative, too.

    • Recreation. Whether it is making a gift for someone, or crafting for fun, making art work is a great way to spend time. It is seem as a leisurely activity.


    • Expression.  Creating art is a great way to share our lives with others. Artwork created by the elderly will also be different from other people’s artwork because of everything they have had the chance to experience.


Hunakai Studios
    • Communication. For those who cannot verbally express themselves, visual means are another great way to go about it. There are some seniors who deal with the effects of a stroke, Alzheimer’s, or other conditions, which can cause speech difficulty. Visual arts can give these individuals a better way to communicate.


    • Socialization. Many seniors who participate in the arts, particularly in groups, are far less likely to experience loneliness and isolation. People are encouraged to come out of their shells in the process of art making. Friendships grow during collaborative projects.


    • Mental Stimulation. Speaking through art challenges the brain and promotes memory health. Projects like these can be challenges to be met, which helps the elderly to stretch their mind keep their brains occupied.


    • Emotional Well Being. Creativity will often times tap into emotions and allows us to express these feelings more openly and freely. Being in an arts-focused program is shown to decrease depression and stress, along with promoting self esteem.


    • Physical Benefits. Assembling artwork, whether it be sculpting, painting, or some other form of art, helps to work on motor movements and keep them physically active, as well. Creativity has been shown in studies to lessen pain and help the immune system.


It’s never too late to be creative. Here at Hunakai Studio, we offer adult art classes ranging from Photoshop, to drawing, to watercolors and pastels! There is something here for everyone and is a great way to keep the mind active.