Child Development: The Importance of Art Education

Hunakai Studios FoxboroughSo much of the focus of today’s education system is on the common core, where math and reading is the main avenue for learning. However here at Hunakai Studios of Fine Arts School in Foxborough, we know that there are plenty of benefits for children, particularly young children, to be immersed in the world of art education. Here are some of the things enrolling in our courses can benefit young children.

How Art Benefits Development

    • Language Development: The chance to talk about art gives very young children the ability to learn new words, such as colors, shapes, and actions. By the time children reach elementary school, children are able to use descriptive words and talk about what excites them with different types of artwork.


    • Motor Skills: the motions of holding a paint brush or coloring with crayons and extremely important for creating and developing the finer motor skills. Many schools will encourage the use of scissors because it helps to develop better handwriting in students.


    • Visual Learning: Activities such as sculpting and threading beads help develop spatial and visual skills, which are extremely important. Even before kids are reading, they are taking in visual information. They receive clues from the objects around them. More than ever, children depend on visuals in order to glean information. Art education can teach them to interpret, criticize, and use visual information.


    • Innovativeness: When children are given the opportunity to create something, they become more and more willing to become inventive and take bigger risks in expressing themselves. Innovation is important in adult life.


    • Cultural: Especially here in America, there are many people of different races, religions, etc. Art is an excellent way to not only become acquainted with different cultures, but also to see how they are portrayed by others. This can show how others choose to portray their reality and how it aligns with their own.


    • Academic Performance: There are numerous studies that show that there is a correlation between art studies and other kinds of achievement. Children who regularly participate in the arts are far more likely to be recognized for achievements such as winning an award for an essay they wrote or winning a prize in a science or math fair, compared to those who do not.


    • Self Expression: Children who are more involved in art are more likely to have an easier time expressing themselves. This can include expressing their individuality or just being able to better speak for him or herself.


    There are plenty of other reasons why children should be involved in art and art education, but these are by far the most compelling. Take the time to consider art education with Hunakai Studios of Fine Arts and what it could do for the life of your child, or even yourself.