Color Series: The Meaning Behind Yellow

meaning of yellowIn this third installment of the Color Series, we discuss the associations with the color yellow, which may be a little more conflicting than you first thought.

Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot; others transform a yellow spot into the sun. – Pablo Picasso

What to Think of Yellow

A color associated with sunshine, hope, and happiness can actually have other connotations as well. For some, the color yellow can stand for cowardice and deceit. A dingy or dull yellow is indicative of sickness or jealousy.

Studies show that yellow can be considered a warm color that shows cheerfulness along with increased mental activity. Yellow can enhance your vision and activate your memory along with your muscles. Communication is encourages and confidence is built.

meaning of yellowBright yellow will grab a person’s attention and stick out. Yellow exemplifies action and these two reasons are why taxis, school buses, and some traffic signs will be yellow. In addition, black and yellow together is an easy color combination to see from far away.

Yellow is oftentimes is associated with food, and is typically used in marketing to children. As such, yellow is seen as a childish color and not used much in marketing when targeting grown men.

Gemstones that are yellow are said to have the ability to give the holder clarity in order to make decisions, boost concentration, and relieve the holder from panic.

Cultural Relationships with Yellow:meaning of yellow

  • Yellow ribbons were worn by wives as a sign of hope while their husbands were away at war. Yellow ribbons are still worn today to welcome people home.
  • Judas wore a yellow coat when he betrayed Jesus.
  • Dorothy followed the Yellow Brick Road in Wizard of Oz.
  • In Egypt, yellow is reserved for mourning.
  • To Native Americans, yellow is the color and symbol of unconditional love.
  • Greek goddesses were described as “golden haired” which is why even to this day; people are fascinated by blond people.
  • According to the Zodiac, yellow is associated with Taurus.
  • Yellow is used in art therapy to alleviate depression.

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