Colors in Motion

color in motionIn your daily life everything you see and everything you do has been designed to appeal to your eyes.

When you picked out your outfit this morning you chose not to wear the yellow top and orange bottoms because you know those two color choices didn’t go very well together. Our eyes will tell us what looks right and what looks wrong.

Even people who are color blind see different shades; their yes will tell them if certain shades look right together or not. Even though we may see their choices different they are still based on what our eyes see.

Color theory is the interacting and mixing of colors, it also is the relationship of colors to each other. To find out more about how colors work together and against each other you can attend our color theory class. This will give you some insight to some of the great minds in art and will showcase how color works together to create what you and I color in motionconsider art.

When you look at paintings the first thing you notice are the colors. Some colors are soft and make the picture seem as though it is vulnerable, but if those same colors were used in a different painting with bolder colors in between, the painting would have an entirely different feel about it and make you think differently.

Color sparks emotions within us and those emotions tell the story of what we are painting or what we are looking at. Colors are always in motion, they never rest and neither do our minds, we want our minds filled with those colors and those emotions.

color in motionAt Hunakai Studios, we have many classes that work with colors and teach our students the effect that art can have for onlookers. This is a real tool in allowing aspiring artists to express themselves!