Did You Know That Art Education Fuels the Economy?

art education

Each year there are battles in the school vote on what to cut back on, splurge, or get rid of completely.  The arts are always something that is seen as an elective and does not hold as much weight as math or history.  What should go through educators’ minds is how an education in art can affect the economy.  Here are some facts from a recent article entitled “Who Knew? Arts Education Fuels the Economy” by Sunil Iyengar and Ayanna Hudson.


Here are some numbers to think over:  In 2011, arts education added $7.6 billion to the nation’s GDP.  In this year this industry employed 17,900 workers and their salaries totaled $5.9 billion.  For each and every dollar that is spent on arts education, an additional 56 cents is generated in the U.S. economy.


There has always been an emphasis on letting creativity and innovation in student’s blossom in school there are some coalitions that have formed over the years that want to continue to invest in these ideas.  The Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities and the Strategic Nation Arts Alumni Project are to groups striving to make a difference.


There will be a time in the future, hopefully not that far off, where the value of an education is valued universally.  Until that this time is upon us the coalitions mentioned above along with the Bureau of Economic Analysis will also help prove that an art education is invaluable thing to have.  It is important to not only the economy but to those that will also pursue a higher education as well.


Ideas like this is why Hunakai Studios was created; to give children the chance to develop their artistic abilities and give them skills to carry with them as they grow.