Encouraging Self-Expression Through Art

hunakai studios

Early in your child’s life it is important to allow them to express themselves in healthy ways. One of the healthiest ways for your child to express themselves is through art.  How exactly are you going to encourage your child to express themselves when we live in a world where being the same as everyone else is acceptable and sometimes encouraged?

The first step is to get rid of all those coloring books and paint by numbers. These encourage your child to be cookie cutter; you want your child to be extraordinary not ordinary. Even if you don’t believe they will be the next Picasso you should encourage them to express themselves.

Don’t get me wrong, if your child is young and just now forming basic motor skills, let them color. Better in the book than on your walls! However, coloring books are all about coloring inside the lines. Encourage your growing children to break free from those lines and help your child create their own boundaries.

After you get rid of those things, break out the regular paper and paint. Do not put boundaries on what they can create!

It is important to allow your child to draw whatever they feel and whatever they see fit. It is also important not to ask your child what it is. By asking what it is you are restricting their art to being a thing, instead have them describe what it is they are making. This will give them the opportunity to tell you if they are drawing something or maybe an emotion they are feeling.

Encouraging your child to express themselves through art may help you understand what is going on in their mind and help you see the bigger picture. You will not always have these innocent years with your child so start young and allow them to let you be part of their world.

At Hunakai Studios we have art classes available for all ages and skill levels. While this may be a structured setting, your child will always be encouraged to express themselves through artistic means.