Going to Art College: Young Children [1 of 3]

young children artGenerally, most people find their calling during junior or senior year of High school. However, for some people, specifically the creative types, there is no question at all.

For the most part, writers, musicians, and other artists know what they want by a very young age. If you have an artistically inclined son or daughter, talk to him or her about the idea of making it a career. The support and encouragement from those words alone are enough to nourish a developing talent. Then when you offer to help your aspiring artist prepare, his or her confidence will only blossom.

There is still a little bit of a stigma with the idea of being an artist. This is likely due to the competition of the industry, but what many people don’t realize is that there is a thriving niche market for almost any taste or style. The “starving artist” future is one that can be avoided by having a clear action plan, diligence, and the strength to persevere through the challenges.

young children art

Afterschool art programs and preparation studies are the perfect ways to teach a young artist discipline, constructive criticism, while encouraging the involvement extracurricular activities. The Maryland Institute College of Art offers a few programs for young children and teenage artists who might be interested in continuing their artistic education after high school. The college offers young studios for children in the 8th grade or below, as well as preparations for high school and college art classes. The classes help students in junior high and high school understand what colleges are looking for, and they can also help the artist learn more about which school is right for him or her.

MICA is just one place your child could go. Hunakai Studio offers your children an environment where they can hone in on their skills, work on developing their fine motor skills, and begin to solidify their preferences as an artist.