How Art Improves Memory

Hunakai Studios

Art is wonderful for your heart, spirit and brain. This is what makes creativity such a great tool for education. Artistic freedom will support your brain as it absorbs information, which helps you retain information better. Whether its music, dancing, painting, or singing, art in any form helps us boost our memories.

Look at early childhood education for a great example to see how it’s phenomenal for your memory actually. Kids often use paints, songs, and pictures to learn. Children who enjoy the singing and painting are more likely to retain the information they absorb.

In fact, an article on USA Today last summer showed that art could help boost memories for those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

First, the patients started with a dance class, to help motor function and muscle memory. Afterwards, they added art classes, which helps them connect their current confusion to memories from their past.

The art and dance have helped patients with their emotional well-being, as well as physical. Music, art, and dance all stimulate our brains in a way that is yet to be matched.

“Listening to music, dancing, creating or appreciating art can awaken responses. Some studies have shown that after nursing home residents listen to music they become less agitated and aggressive and have fewer hallucinations.  ”

See the original article here.

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