New Year’s Resolutions for the Visual Artist

new years resolutionsIt is a new year, and we all want to grow and better ourselves. But none more than the artist – of any kind – who always second guesses themselves and wonders what they could do to make their art better. Being a visual artist meant that it is the world around you that gives you inspiration, and resolving to do things a bit differently to maximize your productivity is always a good thing to do.


If you have never carried around a sketchbook, now is the time to start. As an artist, you can never know when you will see something that will inspire you. Take the time to sketch your ideas when they occur. That way, they cannot be forgotten.


Now is a good time to allot your time better. Give yourself part of an hour every day to work on idea development, read a book on your art form, play around with a complex drawing or painting, or otherwise involve yourself in something creative.


Resolve to move out of your comfort zone. Find new venues to set up your easel, paint larger or smaller pieces than you are used to doing, or otherwise challenge yourself. Growth comes from taking risks, whether you fail or not. You will learn something new about yourself and your work.


Occasionally treat yourself to new art supplies – large canvasses, sable brushes, or something that you might not ordinarily allow yourself to purchase.

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Support other artists by posting your opinions on forums, visiting galleries, and networking. The artistic community is a very open one and very welcoming.


Work on the development of what your own personal style is. The idea is to become recognizable to others – being easily identified is nice for potential buyers.

The New Year is a time for expansion as an artist, for percolating new ideas, and giving you permission to work out of the box. Making resolutions can assist you to block your time better, get more out of a painting session, and takes the fear out of trying new things.

At Hunakai Studios, we are always working to better ourselves and our craft. If you’re interested in some of our classes, contact us today.


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