Saving Money On Your Art Supplies

art supplies

Art professionals and hobbyists know that art supplies can be pretty expensive. Especially, for those just starting out, it can be overwhelming and budget busting to stock up on all your supplies.

Here are a few effective ways to curb your spending and save tons of money on your art supplies this year:


Discipline is the key when it comes to saving money on art supplies. You will need to exercise some restraint when it comes to shopping. Tell yourself beforehand that you cannot buy everything you see, or everything you think you need, today. Make a wish list, budget yourself, and if you go into the store to pick up one or two things, stick with your list.

Be Discerning, Know When To Go Cheap, Or Not

Saving money does not always mean, spending less. For example, paint brushes need to be of high quality if they are going to help you produce the art you desire, and last a long time. Cheap brushes will only fall apart after a little use, and you will end up having to spend more money to purchase them over and over again.

Know Where To Shop

Items you can get from the grocery store or your nearest superstore, don’t need to be purchased at an art shop. Things like plastic containers and bags for storage, can be purchased very inexpensively at a supermarket. Sign up for free phone apps to get coupons at your favorite art stores, and use them whenever you can.

Shop Online

Online sites like Ebay, Amazon, and Cheap Joe’s, are great money savers when shopping for art supplies. Use these sites whenever possible to find the best bargains on products you need.

Plan Before You Shop

Try your best not to go shopping for supplies without a plan. It’s great fun to look around but try not to purchase without knowing what and how you plan to use the items. Make a shopping list at home and follow it as best you can. Learning not to give in to impulse buys, will save you a lot of money each time you shop.

Hunakai Studios believes in the importance of fueling your passion for the arts, so it would be such a shame to let money be an object!