Summer Programs at Hunakai Studio – Adults [3 of 3]

Last but not least in our series covering the summer art programs at Hunakai Studio, we look at the programs planned for adults. Many of these programs overlap with the sessions scheduled for teens, but there are plenty of opportunities for adults to get engaged in a wide variety of artistic activities this summer.

Hunakai Studio's Student's Color Theory Art PieceWhether an active artist or just starting to explore your creative side, Color Theory serves as a great introduction and overview of how to balance and contrast color in any artwork. The class provides a great foundation for any medium, whether it’s painting, sculpting, drawing or creating images using computers. Watercolor Painting Basics and Beyond also is a great introduction for those new to painting. Students will learn paint control and brush techniques in this five-week course.

For watercolor enthusiasts, Watercolor Florals Five Ways offers participants instruction on how to paint flowers using watercolor techniques and approaches that help make the colors and textures of each floral arrangement pop. Many of those same skills with watercolor can be used in Expressions on Silk as well. Students in this course will decorate silk with techniques similar to watercolor painting, and will ultimately create a final scarf project that can be worn or displayed. For even more cloth artwork, students can join Painting with Fabric, which will include using fabric, thread and fusing materials to capture scenes and various other subjects.

Flower Art Piece by Student at Hunakai StudioStudents can also explore painting with different styles and mediums this summer. In Painting Still Lives in Oil, students will paint oil on canvas to capture 3D objects from the world around us into 2D works of art. Students can bring their own items or select from the studio’s collection of unique objects. The Oil Painting class will also be offered this summer, giving students a chance to explore different styles and techniques to paint stills, portraits or any other subject they choose. Rounding out the summer painting courses is Painting from Real Life. In this class, students will work with acrylics to paint still-life items with changing natural light and study how lighting affects colors and shading.

Drawing is also represented in the summer, starting with Experiments in Colored Pencil. Shading, contouring and coloring techniques will be covered in this course, with an emphasis on learning the best way to define shapes and textures. For a slightly different approach, Pastels will take participants through drawing landscapes with pastels, focusing on capturing the unique lighting and shadows found both inside and outside. This course is designed for both beginners and experienced students.

There are also several sessions that focus on capturing the human form in drawing. In Portraits, students will focus on the features of faces, with attention given toward the proportion and specific identifying details that makes each person’s visage unique. There will also be two sessions focusing on the entirety of the body. Day Life Studies and Evening Life Studies will feature a posed model to draw, with students being guided on their skills with composition, lines, value and proportion.

Art Students Painting on Easel Lastly, two final sessions round out the summer offerings for adults. The first, Sculpting the Figure: Doll Making will take students through the creation of a fine art doll. Participants will be guided through making the doll’s features, with special attention given to hands, heads and feet features, working to make as realistic a creation as possible. The final course, Photoshop, will walk students through the basics of the titular program on computers. Participants will go over on the fundamentals of photo retouching, manipulating cover layers and photo features and creating digital collages.

There are several discounts available now for those considering signing up for any of these summer art sessions. Early bird registration takes 15 percent off the normal cost to register, and is available through June 1, while the full-day and four-week discounts provide savings on multiple sessions or classes that run for multiple weeks. Each course is offered on a different schedule, so check the dates before registering. To take advantage of any discounts or for more information on any of Hunakai Studio’s summer programs, contact the studio directly at 508-543-5665.