Summer Programs at Hunakai Studio – Teens [2 of 3]

In the second part of the summer programs series, we look at the numerous sessions planned for teens to develop and build their artistic skills and talents during the warm-weather months. No matter their area of interest, the diverse collection of classes, workshops and interactive sessions are sure to provide a great opportunity for teens with a variety of passions to find a course to participate in.

Teen WatercolorPainting involves a broad palate of colors, and Hunakai is offering a broad collection of sessions. Teen Watercolor, planned for eight weeks, will focus on the different techniques used to create watercolor paintings. Experiments in Watercolors expands on those skills even further, teaching participants how to manipulate their approach to create new effects and styles, while the five-week Watercolor Florals Five Ways directs students in capturing the beauty of flowers using different painting methods.

Building on the same techniques, Expressions on Silk will teach students to distill their artworks onto silk, ultimately working to create a stylized scarf. Teens can also participate in the Graffiti session, offering a nontraditional artistic course that involves painting with acrylic on canvas and traditional spray paint. Lastly, Oil Painting offers yet another painting option, focusing on the subjects of a participant’s choice during the five-week session.

Students more drawn to drawing have plenty of opportunities to pick up and practice new skills as well. Creatures and Characters encourages students to draw upon their imagination to bring odd and unique animals, creatures and people to the page, working with pencil, markers and watercolors. Those looking to take their talents to the next level can join the Experiments in Colored Pencil class, there they can further develop their shading, coloring and shaping Oil Paintingtalents. Pastels takes students through yet another hands-on expression opportunity, working both inside and outside to find the right balance to express landscapes, lighting and shadows. Students can also work on expressing the real world in drawn art in Observational Drawing. Using graphite and charcoal, students will draw objects on display, working to translate the 3D features of these items onto a 2D medium.

Those looking to improve their skill with drawing people can turn to several different summer sessions, too. In Portraits, students will focus on proportions and capturing facial details and features. There are also two sessions – Day Life Studies and Evening Life Studies – that aim to provide an opportunity to draw full figures. A live model will pose while students work to develop their skills in proportion, composition and lines. Participants in these sessions must be high school aged or older, and may be asked to submit work to be evaluated before registering.

A number of computer-based instructional sessions will also be offered. A beginners’ session on Photoshop will be offered to teach participants the basics of covering layers, retouching images and photos and creating collages. For more advanced users, Photoshop Dreamscapes will help students to bring their imaginary landscapes to the screen using the many features available through Photoshop. Lastly, Digital Animation students will create 3D models in Photoshop and work to create animated and lively characters using the 12 principles of animation.

For those who prefer a hands-on approach, Furniture Redesign encourages students to create unique pieces of art or entirely new home items using recycled and scavenged materials. Hunakai also offers a Doll Making course this summer, showing participants how to make a fine art doll, with a particular focus on the heads, hands and feet. Block PrintsThere will also be a Sculpture class that allows students to take a somewhat free approach to 3D artworks made with clay, paper, wire or other materials.

Mixed Media and Mixed Media Experiments each allow students to combine elements of different artistic styles, mediums and elements to create unique pieces in both 2D and 3D. More free-wheeling students can also indulge their own passions in Independent Projects, which allows participants to work on subjects and mediums of their choosing. Those looking to gain a better understanding of the underlying principles of art can study Color Theory, learning the hows and whys of color interaction. Lastly, Block Printing takes participants through the process of exploring colors and textures of block printing by making linocuts that will allow them to make many copies and variations of their created piece.

The classes at Hunakai Studio are run at different schedules throughout the summer, so take a look at the sessions that catch your eye to see when classes will be held. An early bird registration discount of 15 percent on tuition is available now through June 1, as well as other discounts for full-day and multiple-week sessions. For more information on registration or to inquire about discounts that you may be eligible for, call the studio directly at 508-543-5665.