The Connection Between Creativity and Intelligence

creativity and intelligence

Are people with high IQ’s more creative? Are highly creative people, more intelligent? Are creativity and intelligence related at all to one another? The verdict is still out on all of these questions; however, science has provided us with many ideas to ponder on the subject.

Formal analysis of the relationship between creativity and intelligence have been focused on, whether these two human traits are more often found working together, than separately. Analysts have also studied creativity and intelligence to find out if intelligence (in this case, meaning a high IQ) is a prerequisite for the ability to be profoundly creative.

The recent results of most of the analysis indicates that creativity and intelligence are two separate entities and that though they may be slightly related, they do not appear to be dependent upon one another. Research conducted on the subject by the DeYoung Group, suggests that creativity and intelligence may actually work as opposites to each other, or basically has nothing at all to do with the functioning of the other.

According to Newsweek, Americans appear to be going through a creativity crisis, in that our educational system has been developed based on problem solving methods. Since the 90’s, our children have increasingly tested lower and lower on the Torrance Test of Creative Thinking, while  International students appear to test much higher on creative focused exams, compared to American students. The fact that our students are ranking very well on the academic exams, overall, may be proof that it is a matter of teaching techniques that strengthen creativity levels and not a matter of natural intelligence.

In a Psychology Today article written by Jonathan Wai, Ph.D., he states, that Bill Gates, speaking on the subject of creativity relative to intelligence, said that in his experience they go hand in hand. Gates stated that he had never seen a computer software designer who couldn’t multiply. Many scientists and analysts do agree that creativity and intelligence do possess many facets that differ from one another, but they realize there is still more overlap between the two human traits, than has yet to be discovered.

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