The Relationship between Art, Science, and Business

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Several systems run the world, but none are as important as Art, Science, and Business. The growing interconnectedness between these organizing influences is seeing a huge change in the way things get done, in our perspective on life in general, and in how each of us navigates the world.

Perception has replaced fact as the driving force. As each of us sees and feels things differently, it is safe to say that many different ideas of reality are in play. Art is an expression of these realities and has begun to get more attention and respect as a viable measure of concepts like understanding, focus, feelings as reactions to perceived phenomena, and productivity. Art has brought a philosophical perspective to the table, a humanistic view that both science and business are accepting as an important factor to consider.

Art, science and business are all disciplines and should be seen as such, and finding a balance between these disciplines is the only way to increase productivity in the workplace, better working relationships, and enable and encourage workers to reach their full potential.

With a basis in the facts of science, an embracing of the perceptions found in art, and a greater connection to the practicalities of business, a stronger foundation is laid for the evolution of humanity and the search for universal truths. Up to this point that has been the purview of art alone; which emphasizes quality over quantity. This is in a direct conflict with business and to some extent, science.

The gauging of human intelligence and the understanding of how it grows must, to be accurate, include all these influences. Art is not just music, painting, theater etc. Art is a lifestyle, indeed a way of life.

Science is not just the creation of hypotheses, the gathering of facts, and the proving or disproving of these hypotheses. Science is becoming more and more abstract as many theories about the nature of reality grow and evolve.

And business is not just about making more and more money.  It is also about relationships, creativity, and workers’ job satisfaction. A greater understanding of human beings and of all humanity – its humanness – and of the universal truths of life and its process is necessary to be the best we can be. And the marriage of these three disciplines is what will take us, as a species, as far as we can go.