Thinking of Getting a BFA? Here is how you can use it!

bfaWhen preparing to go to college for the first time (regardless of your age) you might find yourself wondering what different types of degrees might help you achieve later in life.

For those who have an artistic flair and wish to use it for their career, this is the hot question: What should I choose for my undergrad and which doors will it open?

Getting a Bachelor of the Fine Arts is a great place to start for artists of all kinds.

Here are some options for those of you looking to get a BFA:

Art Teacher

If you get this type of degree along with a teaching certificate, then you have the ability to be an art teacher in elementary, middle, and high schools. Depending on the school and the program, you may be required to get your Masters as well. Anyone interested in Art Education would be introducing kids to basic concepts of art using hands on activities along with some information on history and criticism.


With a BFA in Creative Writing, many can find jobs as journalists, technical writers, copywriters and freelance writers. There is also a possibility of working with publishing houses or public relations agencies. With any of these jobs you would most likely be working within a prompt and collaborating with others to meet deadlines.

Fine Artist

Those looking to be a fine artist will typically study studio art. Usually there is a concentration such as photography, painting, sculpting, and printing. This degree would help to hone in on the student’s technical skills and their creative talents and helps them to develop their own artistic art style. Many times with this degree students will go off to be publishers, work in design, or do art commissions.

Craft Artistbfa

With a BFA you can choose to go the direction of things like ceramics, jewelry, metalwork or textile designs. More often than not this will deal more with handmade pieces and artwork that would be put in venues.

Multimedia Artist

Multimedia majors work with either hand drawn or computer-generated images. This is the area to research if you’re interested in animation and storyboards. Many times they will work for software agencies, gaming, or film industries. Using art skills that they have learned, multimedia artists translate their talents to computers.

Art Director

Those who go into graphic design or multimedia design that graduate with a BFA can become art directors, too. They would have technical competence in computer art and design. There is also the element of meeting deadlines for this program as well.

At Hunakai Studio, we always strive to make sure our students are set up for success in all of their endeavors. Education is a very important part of development and should be considered seriously.