Three Simple Tips to Help Overcome Artist Block

It’s not uncommon for each of us to experience an occasional lack of inspiration when it comes to our work. If you’re struggling to conceptualize your next project, it’s safe to say you could be suffering from a little creative block. It happens to the best of us. As artists, we get attached to our work – through good times and bad – so it’s understandable to hit a few dry spells along the way. To help you overcome the block, here are a few tips to help spur your imagination back to action. They’re simple tips, but ones we think will help you turn that blank canvas or raw clay into something extraordinary.

Artist's BlockShake It Up

Changing your environment can play a huge role in spurring inspiration. Whether a big change like moving to a new home or a simple change like redecorating your work space, you might find yourself more able to embrace new ways of thinking. We recommend starting with small changes, like walking to work or taking a new route, and then slowly easing yourself into different patterns each day. If you continue to shake things up, you might be surprised just how easily your creativity will begin to flow as you start seeing new things during your day and even just taking in your normal surroundings from a new perspective.


We know the benefits of exercise and working out regularly for the body, but it can also be incredibly beneficial for the mind. In fact, exercise might be what’s missing from your daily creative regimen. According to Psychology Today, regular exercise can help your mind bring subconscious thoughts and ideas to the surface, giving your conscious mind a chance to think on those inspirations and refine them into something more concrete and tangible – perhaps even your next masterpiece! So take a stroll around the block, hit the gym or lift some weights and see if that helps you move past your creative block.

Get an Early Start

Getting started on your craft earlier in the day can often be a great way to help you tap into your artistic energies and more effectively bring your ideas to life. According to The Muse, many creative people start their work early in the day, including noted author Haruki Murakami, who begins his day at 4 a.m. Before the hustle and bustle of the day and the distractions of your daily life have a chance to needle their way into your activity, getting up early and setting that time aside for your creativity may be just what you need to work past artist’s block.

There are plenty or ways to help clear your mind and help you rediscover your inspiration and reinvigorate your imagination. Maybe we can help at Hunakai Studio. Drop in and see us, take a look at some of the great works of our students and instructors, or chat with some of our friendly staff about your passion or some of our upcoming classes for teens or adults. Whether a budding artist or an established creator, we all have our blocks, but trying something new or getting a fresh look at the problem can often help get your creativity back.