What our Mosaics Exhibition Taught Us

MosaicsThe Mosaics: Cultural Connections was an art exhibition that went from November 15-December 2 at Hunakai Studio located at 263 Central Street, in Foxboro.

It wasn’t your typical exhibition. There weren’t any collections from patrons, not famous artists, and no big foundations contributing to the event. You did find something else there, however.

At Mosaics, you found tons of family treasures that were cherished from different households, and they all reflected different cultures, heritages, and backgrounds. People who hadn’t ever put real thought into the artwork that was in their own homes were surrounded by art.

The artwork that was collected included two dimensional wall art, clothing, fabrics, jewelry, toys, religious statues, and more. People were able to see how regardless of culture, artwork is all around us and connects us on a very deep level.

Participants had a great sense of pride in which they were and were able to contribute as to how it made their lives richer on a day to day basis.

At the exhibit, visitors were asked to make connections and associations between different cultures by putting pieces of color coded ribbons corresponding to what they see as common themes, colors, patterns, or subjects that were observed in another work of a different course.

This experiment resulted in ribbons from areas like Peru, Japan, and Maynmar to be placed next to works that came from the Ukraine. This little family activity was just a visual representation of something we know to be true: even if cultures hold different values or speak different languages, the visual arts are always something that will link us together and help us to understand one another.

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