What to Know About Working with Color

Color Some art forms are best presented in black and white while others are best represented in color. There are so many to choose from, especially once you grow in your artistic talents.

When you’re a kid you focus on yellows, reds and blues. Once you broaden your horizons you become interested in other colors like indigo, mauve and chartreuse. How do you put them together in order to make them look great?

She said the object and color in the materials around us actually have a physical effect on us, on how we feel. – Florence Nightingale

Here is a list of some things that artists should be aware of when it comes to color:color

  • Everyone perceives colors in a different way.
  • Humans are the only creatures who can see the full color spectrum.
  • The identity of a color can only truly be found when comparing it with another color.
  • It is far easier to reduce the intensity of a color than it is to make a dull color brighter.
  • Keep in mind that whenever you’re working with color you’re also working with its hue, value, intensity and temperature.
  • The color will is a sequence of spectrum colors that can be found in a rainbow.
  • The closer together hues are on the color wheel, the closer the “relationship.” The further apart, the more contrast they have with each other.
  • Color wheels are important! They help to organize information on mixing colors, knowing how colors relate to each other, and making color schemes.
  • The Munsell color wheel is important to the artist because of its compliments- which are based on the afterimage effects. However this is not a guide for mixing colors.
  • The less factual an image is, the more options you have to make it more personalized and creative in regard to the color.
  • Colors have emotional significance and symbolism. This is something to consider when choosing colors for a work of art.

colorWhy do two colors, put one next to the other, sing? Can one really explain this? No.
-Pablo Picasso

At Hunakai Studio, we empower our students to use all the tools available to them- including color.