Which Artistic Medium is Right for Me?

water colorWhen you are getting ready to delve into your creative side and fun projects, there are so many different ways to go about expressing yourself. Below is a guide to using different mediums for your project, and you might be able to see which one is best suited for you!

Acrylic Paints: This kind of pain is fast drying and has a slightly thick texture. Once dry, acrylic is water-resistant. It is very easy to achieve a textured look with this medium.

Chalk: Chalk is a very soft medium which can be rubbed in or brushed to give different looks.

Charcoal: This medium is used for drawing or a rough sketch for a painting. They can look like normal pencils, look like pieces of chalk, or pencils that you have to “unwrap.”

Crayons: This is very popular among very young children, because it is the first medium they get to work with. They are colored wax sticks that come in a lot of different colors. However, some early French artists also used them in their art projects.

Markers: Also a medium that children tend to be familiar with, markers generally consist of a casing and an absorbent ink which is then transferred to the paper. There are washable and permanent markers, so the choice depends on the skill level of the artist.

Oil Paint: This paint is one that takes longer to dry. This medium can give the artist more control when it comes to giving precise details, because it doesn’t dry right away.

Pastels: These are similar to chalks, but are thicker in substance, closer to that of a crayon. This medium works well with smudging and blending. Depending on how much binder is in the pastel, they can produce brighter or dimmer colors.

Pens: There are many different types of pens, ranging from the ballpoint pen to those what are used in order to create calligraphy.

Watercolor: This paint is suspended in water, which also affects the way it looks on paper.

When you enroll your child or teen in art classes at Hunakai Studio, then they will have the ability to experience all of these mediums and find where their niche is.