Why Everyone Should Support the Arts

support the artsThere are many everyday heroes who stand up for the idea of our government and schools supporting the arts. Having access to experiencing all forms of art and art education is vital to the expansion of our global community. We are taught to spend our money and time on certain parts of life, and that art itself is not as important to our survival. But this is untrue.

It is our art that shows the world and its future inhabitants who we are and who we once were. Drawings, etchings, and literature are a huge part of human history. It is through art forms that we learn about our ancestors, ancient cultures, and forms of worship.

There are a multitude of important reasons why we should support the arts and teach our children to do so.

The arts support our prosperity and broaden our creativity. Being exposed to art inspires all of us to be more creative, and helps us to have fresh and innovative ideas that will propel us into the future. Exposure to art does not only inspire painters, writers, and sculptors; the arts inspire all forms of creative genius, through scientists, technology experts, and historians.

 support the arts

It has been proven that access to art and art education promotes academic excellence. Studies have shown that students who are in schools that support the arts and include the arts as a vital part of study, have higher grade point averages than those who are not in art-centered schools. SAT scores soar 100 points above average scores for those students who took four years of art and music courses.

The arts encourage and support tourism. Communities that are heavily laden with artists, art co-ops and exhibits, and access to the performing arts, fare better economically than communities lacking in these kinds of events and performances.

The arts have an incredible and measurable impact on the lives of our children. Research shows that especially in large cities that support and encourage social involvement in the arts, the children feel more supported and inspired, and are better-rounded. Their growth and development is not left to just the impressions of pop culture only.

support the arts Art creates business. In communities where art is deemed valuable, many businesses are created and developed around it; from non-profits to boutiques and entrepreneurial ventures. Towns and cities that are filled with artists and performance venues, have more opportunities for employment and career advancement.

Art creates balance in our lives. Children who are raised in an environment that puts as much emphasis on art as it does science and mathematics, help to create human beings who have an overall appreciation for life. And balance is incredibly vital to our human evolution. The art we create today, will tell our stories tomorrow.

If you’re not convinced, every time we hold a class here at Hunakai Studios we are giving our students tools and skills that can be used in all areas of life. You should support the arts- we do!