Digital Art (8 Weeks)

This Class is suitable for:

  • Summer Adults
  • Summer Teens

Times: July 6- August 24: 6:30-8:30pm

Cost: $344.00

Instructor: Kira Hallberg

In this digital design course, students will learn the basics of photo manipulation and editing. Basic us of the photo editing software will be discussed, and students will create a variety of projects, including Dreamworlds, posters, and art movement portraits. Depending on the student’s interests ,vector illustration software will be discussed. Students will use photographs to create illustrations to create posters ,patterns, and icons. A drawing tablet is recommended, but NOT required, depending on the student’s interest(s). — students may share the tablets provided or use the mouse.

    • Mondays: July 6- August 24: 6:30-8:30pm (8 Weeks)
    • Class Tuition: $360 Materials fee: $20
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