Tablet Painting

This Class is suitable for:

  • Teens

Times: Wednesday 6-8pm or Saturday 3-5pm

Cost: $340

Instructor: Kira Hallberg

This class is scheduled to begin in our September/October Session. 

Questions about how classes work? Check out our “Questions?” page. 
  • Wednesday’s first class is Sept 16th
  • Saturday’s first class is Sept. 19th

Using digital software to create digital masterpieces. In this class, students will have the option of learning how to use Gimp, a photo editing and manipulation software (similar to Adobe Photoshop) and be able to create dreamworlds, double exposures, drawings and posters. Students can also learn how to use Inkscape, a vector illustration software (similar to Adobe Illustrator) and be able to create vector portraits, patterns, logos and other graphic design related media.