Week 7: Modern and Abstract Art

This Class is suitable for:

  • Summer Kids

Times: August 19-23

Cost: $340.00

Instructor: Kat Gerry

This weeks theme Modern and Abstract Art. Some may think there isn’t much to modern or abstract art, but its a great way to explore color, ideas and creativity. Students will study modern day masters and learn important skills like color theory, composition, balance, form and so many more concepts of art while producing paintings and 3D sculptures. 

  •  The workshop weeks are theme based. Themes include; Imagination Fantasy, Art Around the World, Art in Nature, Animals, and Modern Art.
  • You can choose only a half day (9-12pm)
  • All workshops teach real art skills and include projects with; Drawing in pencils, Drawing with Color Pencils, Acrylic Painting, Watercolor Painting, Paper Sculpture, Recycle Sculpture, Printmaking, and Mixed Media. 
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