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Hunakai Studio of Fine Arts encourages lifelong involvement with the visual arts for people of all ages, backgrounds and ability in Southeastern New England. We do this by offering a quality program of curriculum-based art education in a nurturing environment and by sponsoring a wide variety of cultural events for local communities.

Established as a 501(c)(3) in April of 2005, Hunakai Studio of Fine Arts was created to fill a need for a high quality professional arts programs accessible to residents south of Boston. We offer ongoing visual arts classes for all ages, skill levels and incomes. With no more than eight students per instructor lessons are customized for each participant. Anyone can enroll at any time and be successful.

We offer classes in many different mediums including drawing, pastels, watercolors, oils, acrylics, mixed media and clay. There are classes in Steampunk, Photoshop, 3D design, digital tablet painting, fashion illustration, cartooning and graffiti art. Our teachers are all experienced, exhibiting professional artists.

More than learning how to draw and paint, Hunakai Studio expands students’ knowledge by exploring ancient through contemporary art work and the role of the arts in our culture. Students will learn about some of the most influential medium-specific artists. This well-rounded education allows for inspiration and appreciation of classical and contemporary masters, while helping students develop a style of their own.


Teen and adult painting classes allow students to focus on one, specific painting-related medium (acyclic, oil or watercolor). This freedom and flexibility ensures students continue to develop advanced skills and techniques, while pursuing other painting-related art forms.


One of our most popular classes. Students learn how to master the techniques and mediums required to create an oil painting. Some of the areas explored include impasto, wipe-out or reduction, full color blending and working with a black canvas. A great class for teens and adults, students will also learn composition drawing and color theory.


Students, interested in taking a different type of painting, should consider watercolors. Students will receive instruction in material use, controlling paints and brushes, and working with wet and dry brushes. Other skills will include the use of special effects and preparing surfaces. This allows students to receive a well-rounded exploration of the medium. Great watercolor artists and their works will also be explored, helping students gain recognized artists’ knowledge and create a style that best suits their artistic inspirations and aspirations.


Our ceramics programs are new to our studio. We offer classes for all ages and skill levels. Students create their own pieces from start to finish. We do not just offer glaze a pre-made piece; we encourage students to create everything involved. Because our classes are small, we offer hands on instruction.

We are located conveniently for students from Mansfield, Medfield, Franklin, Sharon, Wrentham and the larger surrounding area. For more information about our art classes and workshops, please contact us today.