Summer Policies

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)


Enrollment into the art education program is from September until the end of June.

Withdrawal from the program or changes to a student’s schedule can be made during the two week withdrawal and payment weeks offered every two months.
The following are the sessions for the year:

  • September/October
  • November/December
  • January/February
  • March/April
  • May/June

If you do not fill out the formal withdrawal form in the office the student is expected and their space reserved for the next two month period. Tuition will be charged for that period.

Payment options can be for the complete year or for (as has been the tradition) for two months at a time due during the payment period prior to the new session. There are five equal payments due during the course of the year.

Payments must be paid during the two week payment period if not paid in full for the year. No student will be allowed in class if their tuition is not paid. Late fees will be assessed if payment is not received on time and there is no guarantee that a space will be reserved if tuition is not paid on time.

Notice of withdrawal / tuition payments periods are always posted in the front gallery. Parents are cautioned not to depend upon school aged students to transmit this and /or other important information.


A student will be allowed one make-up session per month that must be used within the month of the missed class. After that period there will be no carry over.
A make-up is only available to student while they are enrolled and tuition payment is current. Make-ups are not available if a student has withdrawn or not paid tuition to date. There are no exceptions. Make-ups must be arranged with students current teacher according to mutually agreed upon times. Make-ups cannot be arranged with another instructor.

If a make-up time is arranged and the student does not attend the scheduled makeup time, the make-up will be forfeited and considered used. Another make-up will not be arranged.


Our staff and instructors are all busy professionals with families of their own. They all appreciate a timely pick up at the end of class. Any circumstance of being late to pick up your child does warrant a call to the school. The teacher or adult staff will remain with the student until he/she is picked up. However, the parent will be charged $20/15 minute block of time that the staff person is required to care for the child. Payment is due at that time and is to go directly to the staff person who has been caring for the child. Late pick up can be arranged ahead of time (24hrs notice) at a fee of $5 per 15 minute block.


Students are not expected to be in class until 5 minutes prior to start time. Any time over 5 minutes of an early drop off, must be accompanied by the parent until the start of class. Special arrangements can be made with the instructor’s permission, but supervision of students is not guaranteed until the scheduled start time of class.

Students under 11 years old should be accompanied into the studio and classroom by their parents.


No child will be released to anyone, at the end of class, who has not been approved by a custodial parent. Instructors and the office must be made aware of this prior class time. The custodial parent must also call and leave the name of anyone coming that day to pick up their child. Please tell anyone who has been approved by the parent to bring one form of picture ID which the teacher will ask to see before releasing the child. The purpose of this policy is to assure safety for your child. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Students must show respect to their classroom space as well and the supplies they are using. Areas and tables should be wiped down by the student at the end of each class. Studio spaces are shared and someone else’s art work should not be compromised by the lack of cleanup effort by another student.


Hunakai is proud of our nurturing and positive space. Students are taught positive and productive self-criticism, instead of outright negativity to their own work. Negative comments are not allowed to anyone’s work including their own. Students are not allowed to touch anyone else’s artwork, in progress or finished.  Inappropriate, destructive or abusive behavior is also not accepted and students who exhibit this behavior may be asked to leave the studio permanently, or until such a time as the behavior is corrected.


There is a true zero tolerance of any bullying activity no matter the age of the student attending Hunakai. We try to create a positive and creative studio environment which includes acceptance and tolerance for each person that is a part of our studio family.

A student’s enrollment will be terminated immediately due to bullying behavior. Reimbursement of tuition may be forfeited based upon investigation of the facts. All instances reported will be investigated before termination is considered.


Pictures are often taken of students for online or in print promotions. Please make the studio aware of your preference for pictures of you or your child to not be used.


No refunds after class begins. We will refund full payment up to two weeks before start of class. No refunds for missed classes. Deposits are non-refundable. Tuition  and deposit will be refunded in the event of the class being canceled by the studio.


Visit or our Facebook page for the weather related cancellations.