Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located? Why does it say “near” a different location?

We are located at 263 Central St. in Foxboro. We moved to this location in April of 2012. Previously we were at Chestnut Green and before that Mechanic Street, both in Foxboro.

Near does not mean in. We are near other towns and it shows people that there are art classes close to them. There is only one Hunakai Studio.


When do classes begin? When can I join?

For the regular school year (September- June) there is a new session every 2 months.

September /October

July & August follow a different schedule. Check out our summer classes in the drop down menu or on the home page.

We recommend students to begin at the start of a new session. Making enrolling and tuition payments easier. Students may join in the middle of a session, as we have rolling admission. So it’s okay to join a week or two after a session has begun. But we often recommend you wait. We stop taking admissions for regular school year classes in June.

It is not a requirement to begin in September.

The regular school year schedule ends for July and August and we have our summer schedule which is different. We offer classes once a week or for a full week (Monday-Friday) in July and August.


How many classes are covered by the tuition cost? How many classes are in a 2 month session?

The number of classes is 7, within the 2 month period, (but may be more depending on where the days fall on the calendar.) Classes meet once a week.Our classes are designed to be taken from September – June, but you do not have to.  Lessons do not repeat and most students stay for the school entire year.

Tuition can be broken down to $130 per month for a 1.5hr class or $150 per month for a 2hr class. Then there is a 2 month minimum for enrollment. Most students continue for an entire school year (September- June) making payments every 2 months.


A new session has already started, can I still join?

Yes. We have rolling admissions and a student may join a class at any time. But we may recommend you wait till the start of a new session if you are wanting to join toward the end of a current session.

Sessions are as follows: Sept/Oct, Nov/Dec, Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr, May/Jun.

Also our school year schedule (September- June) ends in June. We do not recommend students join at the end of the school year.

We pro-rate tuition for classes not attended during the start of a session. Tuition cannot be pro-rated for classes missed due to absences.


When do I pay for tuition?

Payment or withdrawal periods are every 2 months. Please pay your tuition before the start of the new session.

Students may join at any time, we have rolling admission, or you can wait until the next session begins. Tuition is pro-rated for classes missed at the start of a session, not for classes missed at the end of a session or for classes missed during a session.

Students once enrolled are considered enrolled for the rest of the year. Their spot is held in their class unless they unenroll or switch classes. There is a withdrawal period every 2 months, otherwise a student will be charged.


How much do classes cost?

Class prices differ depending on the length of the class. The below amounts are per 2 month session.
1.5hrs – $260
2hrs – $300
3hrs – $325

If you are a member of Hunakai Studio you will received a 10% discount on classes and workshops. The membership drive is held once a year. You can only become a member during this time.

All students are required to pay a registration fee of $20 when entering a class. Registration fees are only paid once a year.



I would like to unenroll in classes. What do I need to do?

If you no longer wish to take classes at the studio you must fill out a registration form in studio (or if you are unable you must email your intent.) Please do not just stop attending classes. Your spot is held for you in the next session. By not letting the studio know you will not be returning you are taking the spot for a potential new student.


What are the classes like? Are classes for beginners or more advanced students?

We only have a max of 8 students in a class which allows for all levels of skills within one classroom. All levels are welcomed within a class unless otherwise noted in the class description. Students are able to work closely with their instructor at their own pace and with lots of one on one attention. Some of our classes are inter-generational and may be a mix of teens and adults.


The class I’m interested in is listed as “on waiting list” what does that mean?

It means that a class is full or waiting for increased enrollment and you will be placed on a waiting list. As soon as a spot becomes available you will be notified and you will be able to join. Or as soon as enrollment numbers are met you will be notified. Please call or email the studio to double check because we might be able to accept you into a class.


What ages attend kids, teens or adult classes?

Kids classes include children in Kindergarten through fourth grade. Our teen program starts in 5th grade through 12th. High school students are able to take most adult classes, some students may need to have their skills evaluated to attend adult courses. Some classes are listed as teen and adult and will be a mix of ages.


Do I need my own materials or will the studio provide them?

Will provide all materials for the children’s classes. Teens and adults must supply their own materials. A supply list is given for all the specifics that you will need. You may find the appropriate supply list for your class/medium in the website class listings, if not call or email the studio.