Hunakai Studio of Fine Arts abides by values that proclaim the dignity and rights of all people. In keeping with this fundamental principle, we affirm the value of racial and ethnic diversity and welcome persons of all groups, cultures and religious traditions into Hunakai Studio. Every person associated with Hunakai Studio brings the richness of a tradition that binds one to the past and points with hope to the future.


Hunakai Studio builds its curriculum upon the following principles:

  • Creating art is fun and should be an enjoyable experience.
  • Students will be supported and encouraged in any form of expression they choose to explore.
  • Self-esteem and success are achieved through a skills-based lesson plan that progressively builds in the direction chosen by the student, overseen by knowledgeable and experienced instructors.
  • Skills-based lessons are the backbone of each class taught.
  • Students will be taught basic principles and given opportunity to master skills, before tackling more sophisticated problems.
  • Each student will be nurtured at an individualized pace, allowing for challenge and success.
  • The lesson plan, which includes a list of skills to be taught in each course, is flexible, allowing the student the opportunity to understand the general goals of their course of study.

Hunakai Studio offers a variety of art lessons and classes including clay wheel and sculpting lessons, in addition to painting and drawing classes. Located in Foxboro, Massachusetts, our students are from the surrounding areas of Southern Mass. and Northern Rhode Island including Mansfield, Franklin and Sharon.

To learn more or to register for one of our classes, contact us today.