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A Beginner’s Guide to Watercolor Painting

Watercolor painting lends itself to mess-free, low-risk experimentation, allowing new artists to express themselves in fun and creative ways. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you start painting with watercolors! Don’t be afraid of mixing too much paint you need more than you think, so prepare yourself by mixing a good… Read More

How Kids Can Express Themselves through Comic Books

Creative writing and finding self-expression can be hard at such a young age, so why not let your children express themselves with something fun and interactive: comic books! Encourages creative writing Comic books seem to serve as an effective gateway to some kids who tend to struggle to embrace creative writing. This avenue allows them… Read More

Key Components of Installation Art and Why it’s Great for Teens

As kids grow into teens, sometimes they grow out of old hobbies and grow into more culturally and creatively developed ones. Installation art in particular is a great art form for teens to engage with for several reasons. This type of contemporary art is displayed in a three-dimensional space and uses the available environment to… Read More

Risk-taking Experiments: Why Working in Mixed Media is Great for Teens

When creating a work of art, there are many people who prefer to use a single medium. For example, they will spend all of their time creating their artwork with watercolors and opt against using ink and colored pencils as well. This is not a bad approach to take, but using mixed media can be… Read More

4 Tips for Drawing Animals Accurately

Do you love to draw animals? It can be an incredible experience to sit down and draw a picture of a dog, cat, horse, bear, giraffe, or other animal. Drawing these sorts of figures will allow you to see the intricacies of each animal and gain a better appreciation for them. Hunakai Fine Arts Studio… Read More

The Art of Still Life

Still life is a genre of the 17th century that holds significant cultural weight because, although absent of human subjects, it reminds us of our profound humanity. From natural objects like flowers to fruits, bowls, wine, and more, still life paintings contain the ephemera of our existence. In the Art of Antiquity   The origins… Read More

Why Children Should Learn Photoshop

Children who express a penchant for design, photography, or any other type of visual art is a sign of wonderful things to come. This means your child is interested in learning how to harness the driving aesthetics of a visual-based world. Children who express this desire early on should try creating art in Photoshop. Visual… Read More

Why Give a Handmade Gift for the Holiday Season

Oftentimes, the true spirit of the holiday season can get lost in all of the expensive gift giving. The holiday season can also be hard on your budget, which is why you might want to consider creating gifts instead. There are plenty of reasons why you should consider giving handmade gifts this season, regardless of… Read More

Tips on Drawing Portraits

When you are drawing a portrait, there are specific artistic practices to keep in mind that can help make it easier.

Benefits of Clay Art for Kids

It is not secret that children benefit from art, and different forms of art offer children different benefits. If you are hoping to feed your child’s need for creative stimulation, consider enrolling them into a clay art class. The Enjoyment of Sensory Experience Through clay manipulation, children are taught to have full control from start… Read More