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What to Know About Working with Color

Some art forms are best presented in black and white while others are best represented in color. There are so many to choose from, especially once you grow in your artistic talents. When you’re a kid you focus on yellows, reds and blues. Once you broaden your horizons you become interested in other colors like… Read More

Ever Heard of Art Therapy?

You may or may not have heard of the term “art therapy.” This is simply just a form of therapy that uses the process of being creative and making art to improve the person’s well being. Expressing yourself artistically helps people to resolve issues, developing and managing behaviors and feelings, reduce stress levels, and improve… Read More

Thinking of Getting a BFA? Here is how you can use it!

When preparing to go to college for the first time (regardless of your age) you might find yourself wondering what different types of degrees might help you achieve later in life. For those who have an artistic flair and wish to use it for their career, this is the hot question: What should I choose… Read More

Begin Using Your Chalk Pastels

Pastels are a medium that is fun to use and create pieces with. If you’re new to them, it can be hard to know where to start. 1)      Choose your colors. You will not need to have a huge set; usually a set of twelve will be sufficient. Soft pastels are good for blending and… Read More

Saving Money On Your Art Supplies

Art professionals and hobbyists know that art supplies can be pretty expensive. Especially, for those just starting out, it can be overwhelming and budget busting to stock up on all your supplies. Here are a few effective ways to curb your spending and save tons of money on your art supplies this year: Discipline Discipline… Read More

Keeping it Clean: Managing Messy Children’s Art Projects

Exposing children to art projects at a young age is a wonderful way to foster creativity in budding minds. Nothing is more thrilling than watching a child, waist deep in finger paint, flexing their cognitive muscles and exploring the endless forest of imagination. As any parent can tell you, however, these art projects can get… Read More

New Year’s Resolutions for the Visual Artist

It is a new year, and we all want to grow and better ourselves. But none more than the artist – of any kind – who always second guesses themselves and wonders what they could do to make their art better. Being a visual artist meant that it is the world around you that gives… Read More

The Relationship between Art, Science, and Business

Several systems run the world, but none are as important as Art, Science, and Business. The growing interconnectedness between these organizing influences is seeing a huge change in the way things get done, in our perspective on life in general, and in how each of us navigates the world. Perception has replaced fact as the… Read More

Art and ADHD: It Could Be a Good Thing

When you hear the word acronym ADHD, there are a couple of thoughts that might run through your mind. “I feel bad for whoever has that.” Or maybe “so they’re just really hyper, right?” Those who suffer from ADHD will typically have more energy than those who don’t, yes. But there is also the component… Read More

Why Everyone Should Support the Arts

There are many everyday heroes who stand up for the idea of our government and schools supporting the arts. Having access to experiencing all forms of art and art education is vital to the expansion of our global community. We are taught to spend our money and time on certain parts of life, and that… Read More