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9 Tips for Watercolor Painting

For anyone who is curious about a new style of painting, you undoubtedly will want to read up on it first so you can perfect your new skills. Here are some tips for those starting out: Watercolors will dry lighter. If your color looks really bold on paper, don’t panic! Once they dry they will… Read More

Reasons Adults Should Consider Art Classes

Art classes are wonderful places to express yourself, to spend time with others, and perhaps most importantly, to learn something new. As we age we need the stimulation of a new task, to keep our brains agile and sharp. Adults should always be looking for ways to do that.   Whether you choose sculpture, painting… Read More

STEM: The Arts Are Needed for a Well Rounded Education

By now, you may or may not have heard about STEM education- meaning that its education based on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Within a STEM education, there is more focus on the competition in the technology field. Don’t get us wrong, those are extremely important areas and are the essential building blocks of the… Read More

Why Adults Need to Play & How to Incorporate the Arts

So many adults hear the term “play” and think of this as something that only children do. While sadly this seems to be the case, it certainly shouldn’t be! There are many benefits that children reap from unstructured play time, so why can’t adults appreciate this, too? Getting involved in the arts is one excellent… Read More

Tips for Fostering Creativity in Young Children

Creativity is not something that people are inherently born with-it is something that has to be created and fostered. However, not everyone is as creative as others, so it might take some extra work for some children over others.   Creativity is a part of everything that you do, so it is important to make… Read More

Decreasing Anxiety with Creativity

Not all people think that they possess creativity but in reality, creativity is simply the ability to dream of something and make it happen. Maybe you dreamt about having a beautiful garden or making a delicious dinner. You wake up and you decide to do it and it turns out beautiful or delicious. You have… Read More

Reasons to Take a Summer Art Class

With summer in full swing, it is time you do something nice and fun just for yourself. Classes are always a cost effective and wonderful way to broaden your horizons, explore other aspects of yourself, and learn something new. Letting out your inner artist is a wonderful way to learn how to express yourself with… Read More

Art For All Ages

Creating works of art is more than just creativity. It is also expression of feelings and emotions; it is a release of your inner self. You never lose your point of view or expression. Even if it changes, you still have something to say about the world around you. No matter what your age, it… Read More

Which Artistic Medium is Right for Me?

When you are getting ready to delve into your creative side and fun projects, there are so many different ways to go about expressing yourself. Below is a guide to using different mediums for your project, and you might be able to see which one is best suited for you! Acrylic Paints: This kind of… Read More

Art Impacts A Child’s Ability to Learn

The arts in education have, in recent times, become an extraneous part of the classroom. More and more schools are phasing out art instruction and expression as the sciences get favor. But this is dangerous, not just emotionally for children, but it also affects kid’s ability to think critically, to engage in team play, and… Read More