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Check Out the Great Classes Planned for Fall!

Embrace and enrich your artistic side by enrolling now in one of our many fall art classes. From painting to drawing and digital animation, there is a class to suit every interest. We offer classes for kids, teens and adults which focus on developing skills and techniques in a variety of art mediums and disciplines…. Read More

Fun with Fabrics

From chokers and slap bracelets to butterfly clips and mood rings, the style of the ‘90s proved unique and carefree. But there was one style that stood out among the rest for its creativity: clothing colored with fabric glue. Using glitter pens or glues in different colors allowed us to generate our own sense of… Read More

Ceramics and Pottery – What’s the Difference?

Since they are both made using the same methods, there is physically no distinction between ceramics and pottery, but the two terms technically mean different things. While both ceramics and pottery go through a process that includes forming, firing, glazing and re-firing before completion, each term has its own specific meaning. The basics of ceramics Ceramics… Read More

A Look at Using Oil Pastels

If you are new to the world of oil pastels, you might not know where to begin. If you’re just starting with the art form, you’ll first need materials. The best way to start out is by using the highest quality pastels you can afford. If you can’t get a whole set, get some individual sticks… Read More

The Rising Popularity of Digital Art

The ultimate goal of any artist is to be able to share their imagination and their experiences with the world. Everyone has his or her own way of going about this process. As time passes and technology advances, it gives art new means and mediums to be used to express these thoughts and experiences. One… Read More

Should Art Be Censored?

One of the definitions of art (thanks to Merriam-Webster) is “something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings.” This is a fairly general description, so it can include all forms of art, whether it’s a painting or a sculpture or even a song or… Read More

Could Common Core Be a Good Thing for the Arts?

Depending on your age, hearing the phrase “Common Core” could mean something different. If you’re a student, it’s a new way of thinking.  If you’re a teacher, Common Core is a new standard that you and your students will be held to. For parents, that means looking at your child’s math problems and not having… Read More

Understanding the Growth and Popularity of Graphic Novels

Graphic novels have been all the rage in recent years, spurred by a seemingly unending onslaught of comic book hero movies and television shows that have captured the minds and imaginations of the young and old alike. These artistic variations on the traditional written storytelling form provide a fully illustrated picture for the reader, with… Read More

Understanding Paints: Oil, Watercolor and Acrylic

Painting a picture is more than just an idea; it is about what you want to convey to your audience. Using different types of paint can help you create a perfect scene, but you need to know how each of these paints are used and why they are used that way. Below are the three most… Read More

Summer Programs at Hunakai Studio – Adults [3 of 3]

Last but not least in our series covering the summer art programs at Hunakai Studio, we look at the programs planned for adults. Many of these programs overlap with the sessions scheduled for teens, but there are plenty of opportunities for adults to get engaged in a wide variety of artistic activities this summer. Whether… Read More