• Absolutely no refunds after class has begun. 
  • Full refund if you cancel your enrollment before June 1st.
  • Partial refund (50%) 2 weeks prior to start of class.
  • In the case of a COVID related cancelation, the tuition amount will be credited toward a future class.
  • Classes can be canceled by the studio due to lack of enrollment. A full refund is given if class is canceled by the studio. Notified 1 week before start of class by e-mail.
  • By registering for a summer class you agree to the cancellation policy. Exceptions will not be made.

SUMMER DISCOUNTS – Only 1 discount will apply.

  • Multifamily Discount – 5% off each additional family member. Cannot be combined with other discounts.
  • Multiple classes – 5% off second/etc. classes. Cannot be combined with other discounts.
  • Discounts do not include materials/model fee.


  • Last minute enrollment is accepted if there is room in the class. Full tuition is due at time of registration.
  • Confirmations and cancellations are done through e-mail. Please provide an e-mail that you can be best reached at.
  • All materials are supplied for an additional fee. Materials fees may differ for classes, this depends on the type and amount of materials supplied. Except where noted, students are able to provide their own materials for no additional materials fee (for teens and adult classes only). Please register over the phone or in studio to avoid the materials fee if you already have all materials required for a class.
  • No make-ups can be scheduled by students. The summer schedule is extremely limited. Make-ups will only be in the case of an instructor emergency absence.
  • Breaks are taken for all kids and teen classes. For COVID protocols, snack breaks are taken outside.
  • Please provide your children with snacks. Please do not send your child to the studio with nut products. We can chill any items.
  • Students may take classes, eat, or play outside. Please prepare or provide your child with sun block. Supervision is provided for breaks.
  • Our students can be photographed or filmed for promotional use during classes. This may be declined by providing your wishes in writing.