Teen Art Classes

Drawing and Painting

This class is designed to cover a wide array of subject matter and drawing & painting techniques. We will work in realism, abstract and impressionism and more. This is a great class for students looking to explore many different examples and skills. Questions about how classes work? Check out our “Questions?” page. 

Wednesday 7-8:30pm , Cost: 260.00

Installation Art Forms

Installation are is using the space around you to create site specific works of art. Often installations are 3 dimensional in nature which let the viewers walk around and examine from all sides. In this course the main object will be to create powerful and eye catching 3D composition, mainly working as a collaboration with… Read More

Friday 4-5:30pm , Cost: 270

Painting Animals and People

Students will learn the basics of painting animals and people in acrylic paints. Students will learn the principles of drawing proportions and portraiture, and some basic anatomy will be discussed.  Students will begin with a few exercises to practice mixing the paints and creating textures. Questions about how classes work? Check out our “Questions?” page. 

Thursdays 6:30-8:30pm , Cost: 300.00

Create a Creature and Doll Making

This class will focus on creating the physical body of a doll or creature sculpted in paperclay on an armature made by the student. Attention to facial features and detail in the body parts in context of a story the maker wishes to tell. Then move into creating clothes and accessories by hand for your… Read More

Tuesdays 6-8pm or Wednesdays 6-8pm , Cost: 320.00

Digital Art

In this digital design course, students will learn the basics of photo manipulation and editing. Basic us of the photo editing software will be discussed, and students will create a variety of projects, including Dreamworlds, posters, and art movement portraits. Depending on the student’s interests ,vector illustration software will be discussed. Students will use photographs… Read More

Mondays 6:30-8:30pm or Saturdays 1-3pm , Cost: 300.00

Teen Drawing Experiments

Saturday’s class is now on wait list. Please call or email the studio to be placed on the list.  You can still pay your tuition online if your child is currently enrolled in the Saturday class. This drawing class for teenagers near Canton MA begins by teaching the fundamentals of line, form, value and shape…. Read More

Monday 5:30-7pm , Cost: 260.00

Graffiti and Urban Art

Students will learn graffiti style letters, characters, and street art techniques of creating art. Students will be introduced to artists in the urban art movement, such as BANKSY, and Shepard Fairey.  The class offers many techniques from graffiti and urban art, all placed within the context of the formal elements of art and principals of… Read More

Saturdays 3-5pm , Cost: 300.00

3D Sculpture

This 3D sculpture studio class for adults in Foxboro MA will work towards mastering the idea of working in 3 dimensions with hand forming materials. Work in most 3D mediums: Clay, Wire, Paper, Plaster and more. Materials Fee of $20 per session. Questions about how classes work? Check out our “Questions?” page. 

Tuesdays 6-8pm , Cost: 320.00


Work in the complicated yet simple to learn medium of acrylics. This acrylic art class near Sharon MA is designed to master the limitations of the medium while exploring various techniques. Acrylics is a great class for beginners or for those looking to explore beyond oils and watercolors. This class caters to all skill levels. The… Read More

Tuesdays 6-8pm or Saturday 1-3pm , Cost: 300.00

Advanced Art (Grades 5-6)

This is an art class for young teens near Norfolk MA offering lessons in a variety of subjects including drawing, acrylic painting, watercolor painting, sculpture, composition, form, art history and so much more. Designed for students in 5th or 6th grade this class will grow students knowledge of more advanced aspects of art to ready… Read More

Thursdays 5:30-7pm or Saturdays 1-2:30pm , Cost: 260.00

Human Figure in Art

Class that will focus on the human figure as it is used in art. Study proportion, position and gestures.   Photographs will be the primary subject matter. Questions about how classes work? Check out our “Questions?” page. 

Wednesdays 4-5:30pm or Saturday 11-12:30pm , Cost: 260


Designed for those looking to improve their skills in human faces. In Portrait drawing lessons for beginners near Westwood MA, students will work on proportion and capturing the likeness of the subject. Students will also work primarily in pencil and charcoal. Students are required to have had at least 2 sessions of drawing as a… Read More

Wednesdays 4-5:30pm or Saturday 11-12:30pm , Cost: 260

Cartooning and Illustration

This class will teach the classic techniques for creating effective cartoons and illustrations. The overall goal is to complete a small comic book with smaller projects in between. Outside of class work is a requirement. Convey a story with pictures, character expressions and dialogue are all necessary skills for comic artists. Students will work in… Read More

Wednesdays 5:30-7pm or Saturday 11:30-1pm , Cost: 260.00

Oil Painting

Students will study the varied techniques of oil painting. This classical style has been updated with a orderless and safe formula. Students learn a new style while being able to infuse their own creativity and interests in the subject matter. Hunakai Studio of Fine Arts in Foxboro offers these oil painting classes for teenagers to… Read More

Tuesday 6-8pm or Friday 4-6pm or Saturday 1-3pm , Cost: 300.00

High School Portfolio Development and Individual Projects

An intensive drawing and painting class, High School Portfolio Development is for any student who wishes to put together an art portfolio for a future in art school. Students develop the skills needed for admissions, while building a competitive portfolio. Students must be in either late sophomore or junior year. This class is also designed… Read More

Monday 5:30-7pm, Saturday 11-12:30pm , Cost: 260.00


This pastel art class near Westwood MA is beneficial to students of all skill levels. It not only develops the student’s skills with the medium, but also emphasizes the application of color theory to each project. This art class is based upon both the experimental and classic use of chalk pastels. Questions about how classes work?… Read More

Monday 10:30-12:30pm, Monday 6-8pm, Saturday 3-5pm , Cost: 300.00

Creative Watercolor Techniques

Students will learn the classical techniques to build their skills in watercolor painting. as they progress they will be able to learn different styles, new uses of color and modern techniques. Students will gain ability while being able to incorporate their own style and likes into the subject matter. A prerequisite of 2 sessions of… Read More

Tuesday 4-6pm, Wednesday 6-8pm, Saturday 9-11am , Cost: 300.00

Questions about classes? Please check our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.

Being a teenager has always been a difficult time in one’s life. So many changes one goes through when on the cusp of young adulthood. It is a time of confusion and excitement, and it is easy to lose focus of the bigger picture. No matter the situation, every teenager should work on the development of body, mind and spirit. Art accomplishes all these things, which is why Hunakai Studio offers Teen Art Classes near Franklin, MA area.

There is a variety of classes to choose from including Intro to Animation, Photoshop I, Cartooning and Illustration, Human Figure in Art, Oil Painting, Experiments in Drawing, High School Portfolio Development, Pastels, Creative Watercolor Techniques, Contemporary Graffiti Inspired Painting, Ceramics, Acrylic Painting, Art Fundamentals and much, much more.

Below you’ll find information regarding the session schedule as well as what to expect from each class. If interesting in Teen Art Classes near Franklin, MA, contact us here.