Brain Development Painting, sculpting, glazing, crafting, drawing, molding: regardless of the type of hands-on art your child or teen is creating, their brain is growing as a result. Recent studies continue to prove this, showing that experiencing art through art education is an integral part of brain development.

Art education helps the brain to actually rewire itself to make stronger and more neural connections, reports Examiner, creating a healthy avenue through which children learn to explore and experience the world. Art teaches creative thinking skills and builds expressive and memory skills.

Regardless of how gifted your child may be in art fields, engaging in an art class offers enrichment the brain needs to grow and develop. Art enrichment comes from challenges and feedback, from environments that encourage exploration of alternative thinking, multiple answers and creative insights.

Substantial data shows most art-centered schools have higher achievement scores in academic areas than non-art centered schools, notes the Child Development Institute. Creating art helps children and teens learn how to make choices and solve problems. They decide which color to use, how to make a line, what size to make a certain shape and more. This allows these young artists to create something that was previously only imagined, making visual manifestations of abstract ideas.

At the other end of the spectrum, being artistic can also help keep people sharp into old age. According to cognitive research of out Germany reported by The Huffington Post, the production of visual art improves interaction between parts of the brain, meaning that making art could even help to delay or negate age-related decline of certain brain functions.

Art allows people of all ages to communicate their feelings, ideas and solutions in a way that is not necessarily verbal or written. This paves the way to new roads of understanding and seeing the world. By instilling an appreciation for art and interest in creativity at a young age, these young people can use art to figure out how they feel and why they feel that way as they navigate through life.

Your children and teens will see the world from a whole new perspective: their own. Art allows us to get in touch with our innermost passions and ideas, giving way to new understanding and experiences.

Enroll your child or teen in an art class today – their brains will thank you later. To learn more about enrollment or any of our art classes for kids and teens, call us today at 508-543-5665.