Benefits of Clay Art for Children

Benefits of Clay Sculpting for KidsIt is not secret that children benefit from art, and different forms of art offer children different benefits.

If you are hoping to feed your child’s need for creative stimulation, consider enrolling them into a clay art class.

The Enjoyment of Sensory Experience

Through clay manipulation, children are taught to have full control from start to finish. Through constant pinching, poking, and twisting of the clay, kids learn that nothing is permanent. Clay is a popular medium among educators and art teachers because of its texture and plasticity; mistakes are fixable. This gives the child a sense of empowerment as they learn that no action is truly as big of a blip as it feels, and can actually be used to build upon their creative process.

Improvement of Mood and Healing Aspects

Many educators find that clay art has a soothing effect on the psyches of young children. They learn to convert their anxious feelings into positive energy. Consequentially, that leads to a heightened mood. Their emotional stressors can be redirected into a three dimensional work of art that can be creatively investigated from all angles. Clay art is especially beneficial for hyperactive children because of the sensory processing effects it has.

Appreciation for the Natural Elements

Art teachers who use real clay and not playdough substitutes encourage children to be more environmentally conscious of the earth. Clay art classes give children the opportunity to explore the thickness and purity of the clay. They are then more likely to engage with nature by inquiring about the properties of other natural elements.

It’s important to cultivate the creative processes in young budding artists. Hunakai Studio of Fine Arts offers a quality program of curriculum-based art education in a nurturing environment  for all ages.