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Let’s Make a Deal at Our 2nd Annual Fundraiser

Are you looking for some unique art to hang in your home or office? On Sunday, Aug. 14, Hunakai Studio of Fine Arts’ is hosting our second annual fundraiser, Let’s Make a Deal! Mark your calendars and bring your checkbooks! This August, stop by the Let’s Make a Deal fundraiser for our studio and haggle… Read More

Developing an Artist Portfolio

While many hopeful college applicants send in applications to colleges without knowing exactly what they want to do in the future, many students already know what their passion is – art. Aspiring art students understand who they are and who they want to be, but applying to many art schools is a competitive process, where… Read More

Drawing As an Art Foundation

All artists must first learn to be comfortable with their drawing skills, as drawing provides a basis for most art forms. When a sculptor or a painter begins work on a new piece, he or she typically begins with an initial sketch that will be drawn and redone until the artist knows what his or… Read More

Three Simple Tips to Help Overcome Artist Block

It’s not uncommon for each of us to experience an occasional lack of inspiration when it comes to our work. If you’re struggling to conceptualize your next project, it’s safe to say you could be suffering from a little creative block. It happens to the best of us. As artists, we get attached to our… Read More

Tips for Framing Your Masterpieces

So, you have the perfect piece of art ready to hang in your home. Now what? Framing proves as important as the art itself. There are many steps to take before hanging up your artwork as well as a large variety of frames to choose from – or make! Before you frame Matting Matting, which… Read More

The Relationship between Art, Science, and Business

Several systems run the world, but none are as important as Art, Science, and Business. The growing interconnectedness between these organizing influences is seeing a huge change in the way things get done, in our perspective on life in general, and in how each of us navigates the world. Perception has replaced fact as the… Read More

Why Everyone Should Support the Arts

There are many everyday heroes who stand up for the idea of our government and schools supporting the arts. Having access to experiencing all forms of art and art education is vital to the expansion of our global community. We are taught to spend our money and time on certain parts of life, and that… Read More