Paint Brushes with Oil Paints

December is upon us, and there are many things we love about this month – the holiday cheer, spending time with loved ones, and taking a much-needed break from work and school. It’s nice to use some of that time to just relax, but winter break can also be a great time to engage in learning something new.

Hunakai Studio of Fine Arts is offering a pair of Winter Break workshops that are geared towards teens and adults. Both workshops are created to assist you in honing your artistic skills and bringing out your natural talent to create great compositions.

Elements of Composition

Join us from 4-5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 29 for the Elements of Composition workshop. This workshop is open to teens and adults and will teach participants techniques to enhance their painting and drawing skills. All art forms can help you connect with your inner spirit and powerful imagination, so the desire to improve is the opportunity for even greater expression. The class fee is $25 for this session.

“All art is but dirtying the paper … delicately” – Artist John Ruskin, from “The Elements of Drawing”

Life Studies

The Life Studies workshop will be held from both Dec. 29 and Dec. 30, running from 6-9 p.m. each day. Life Studies is open to teens and adults, and the workshop will provide students with an opportunity to work with a live model to help improve your drawing of likenesses and proportions. In the world of art, practice makes perfect. Natural talent and creative desire, accompanied by instruction and practice, creates a better artist who can truly paint or draw the heart and soul of their subject. The class fee is $90 for this session, and there is an additional $15 live model fee.

“I keep drawing the trees, the rocks, the river, but I’m still learning how to see them.” – Artist Alan Lee

Winter break is a great time to improve your drawing and painting skills, and to also spark your imagination. The holiday season is always a magical time to indulge your creativity, and there are plenty of opportunities for students to do just that with our winter workshops. For more information or to register, contact us today!