Think back to the first human figure you drew, whether as a young child or during an art class in school. Maybe you drew a stick person, or maybe your person resembled a head with arms and legs sticking out of a smiling circle. As you grew older, your drawings and sculptures of the human form likely became more realistic.

However, drawing people in a realistic and detailed way proves difficult and the art takes skill and practice. The best way to learn how to draw the human form is through instruction, where a teacher can introduce you to drawing or sculpting each part of the body individually.

Learn more about translating the human form in art this summer with one of our classes focusing on expressing the intricate details of the face. From sculpting to portraits, your goal will be learning how to create a face to the best of your artistic ability. Here’s a closer look at the classes offered by Hunakai Studio this summer to get teens and adults focused in on the details of the incredibly range of expression in a human face.

Sculpting the FaceFace Sculpting

Offered from July 18 through July 22 from 9 a.m. to noon, this weeklong class will teach you how to sculpt the human head based on photo references. Instructor Michael Evans will place emphasis on realism and details, and participants will develop features and proportion in a life-sized bust.

Portraits (Pencil and Charcoal)

If drawing is more your style, take a class this summer with Carla Carey on portraits, offered from Aug. 22 through Aug. 26 from 9 a.m. to noon. This class will help you improve your skills with human faces by allowing you to work on proportion and capturing the likeness of your subject. Using mainly pencil and charcoal, students will spend this summer week refining their skills with the human face and creating realistic definition and detail.

Portraits (Colored Pencil and Pencil)

Carla will also teach a second portraits class this summer focusing on the same skills of drawing the human face, but using pencils and colored pencils to create definition, color and shading to enhance the realistic interpretation of faced. This evening class will be offered from 6-9 p.m. Aug. 8 through Aug. 12.

Add some art to your summer and practice your craft in one of these face-focused art classes from Hunakai Studio of Fine Arts. To learn about these or other classes offered this summer, check out our full selection teen and adult summer class schedules online now or call us today at 508-543-5665.