Halloween Bats

Halloween is right around the corner, and who doesn’t love to decorate their home with a little bit of festive décor? But those decorations in the stores can be pretty pricey, so here are a few suggestions for easy at-home crafts that you and your children can enjoy making that will bring seasonal flair to any room in your home!

DIY Pumpkins

If you have some paint handy, this first craft will be no sweat for you. Grab any size boxes from your kitchen –pasta or rice boxes, tea boxes, even a paper towel roll. Wrap all but one of the boxes in brown paper from a shopping bag to give yourself a nice even canvas, and paint them orange. With the last box, cut out some pieces into the shape of stems and leaves—paint the stems brown and the leaves green, and glue or staple them to the orange pumpkin base. Ta-da – kitschy, non-traditional pumpkins that won’t rot if you leave them out a tad too long.

Halloween BatsBottle Bats

Here’s another recycle-friendly project: you’ll need empty 2-liter bottles, black paint, black construction paper and some bits and bobs to decorate, like eyeball stickers or pipe cleaners. Paint the entire 2-liter bottle black, including the lid, and allow it to dry. Cut wings and ears from black or purple construction paper, and glue them to the bottle. Use the rest of the odds and ends to give your bat a little something extra, like a bowtie, vampire teeth or an orange vest!

Egg Carton Spiders

For this project, all you’ll need is an egg carton, scissors and some pipe cleaners. Separate one egg cup from the carton and draw on a face. Using the scissors, make 4 little holes on either side of the face, and then insert a pipe cleaner into each hole. You can paint the egg carton a fun fall color to make it more festive, or black to make it scarier!

Get the gang together and have a blast making these fun holiday projects. Is your son or daughter’s birthday this month> Consider booking an art party at our studio and let your child and their friends spend an afternoon making great art with Hunakai Studio. For more information, contact us today!