Back to SchoolNow that the kids are back in school, nerves and emotions run high as new worries and stressors come into play. From tackling homework assignments and worrying about who they will sit by at lunch, to getting used to new teachers, students and experiences, going back to school proves to be a difficult time that takes some adjusting.

Giving children an outlet through which to channel their nervous energy is a great way to keep them calm and relaxed throughout the school year. Using art as an outlet helps students to manage their anxiety and stress, to discover new ways of expression, and to meet new friends. In fact, there are many great benefits to participating in art!

Manage Anxiety and Stress

Kids of all ages can find going back to school stressful and frustrating. There are new experiences, especially if they’ve moved to a new school or transitioned from elementary to middle school, not to mention working to understand new material and new concepts. The key to helping your child manage their anxiety and stress in a healthy way is providing them with a fun, carefree outlet, says PBS Parents.

Art allows children to have fun and get creative without worrying about what grade they will receive. Students can channel their feelings through art, allowing them to relax in a fun, stress-free environment.

A New Way to Express Creativity

Art classes are offered in a wide range of mediums and focuses, allowing students to learn and grow at their own pace. From learning the basics to expanding on their skill set, art classes teach children new ways of healthy expression while helping them grow creatively. Hunakai Studio of Fine Arts offers many art classes for kids and sessions for teens that range from novice artists to older learners.

Encouraging your child to take an art class could help them discover a new passion or hobby they could carry through the rest of their life. Plus, finding a creative outlet of expression now in their youth could help them better manage stress down the road.

Make New Friends

Kids naturally strive to fit in, which is why school can feel difficult for students when they cannot find a strong group of friends to lean on. Enrolling your child in art classes will allow them to meet other children who share some of the same passions and creative drive as your child in a setting outside of school.

According to the U.S. Department of Education, afterschool programs help kids form new friendships, as well as develop teamwork skills and improve academic proficiencies. Your child will benefit from taking art classes by applying the skills and techniques they learn to other aspects of their lives in school.

The fall classes start Sept. 12 – less than a week from today – so sign up now by calling the studio at 508-543-5665 to secure your spot!