Personal Art Styles

Famous artists always have a thing. A style that permeates their work and leaves a mark with their name on it.

But for new artists, it can be difficult to find what that thing is for themselves. When it comes to finding your art style, it can take a while to find what’s unique to you.

It’s often a combination of many things: your techniques, color choices, voice, media, and more.

So, what are some ways you can hone your skills and find what’s unique about your art style?

Ask yourself some questionsPersonal Art Styles

Take a look at your art and try to find some common themes. Is there some element that usually ties your pieces together? What kind of subjects do you usually choose? Identifying what you are drawn to can make it easier for you to determine what your style is.

Copy the artists you like

Just don’t copy the work, of course! Take stock of the artists you love and pull some elements of their work that you are fond of. Many artists mimic the work of others they admire. In fact, it helps stimulate your style because it’s what you personally like.

After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.


Without practicing your craft, you won’t be able to find what type of art style suits you best. By trying out many different elements, mediums, etc., you are helping yourself hone your skills.

Looking for more practice and some guidance?

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