Key Components of Installation Art and why it’s Great for Teens

As kids grow into teens, sometimes they grow out of old hobbies and grow into more culturally and creatively developed ones. Installation art in particular is a great art form for teens to engage with for several reasons. This type of contemporary art is displayed in a three-dimensional space and uses the available environment to create site-specific works of art.

Here are the 5 key components of installation art that make it an interesting art form for teens.

It’s Conceptual

Installation art is conceptual, or a genre of contemporary art where the ideas conveyed by the work are more impactful than the art itself. By practicing this type of artwork, teens learn how to think more abstractly and “outside of the lines.” This type of conceptual artwork can even cause us to reshape our attitudes on certain things by shifting the way we think about them.

It’s Collaborative

Often times, many people work together to create installation art pieces to leave a greater impact, helping teens to increase their ability of working on a team while still expressing themselves and their ideas. Working with peers to create something meaningful outside of schoolwork will prepare them with important life skills that they will utilize in their career and beyond.

It’s Tactile

As opposed to traditional artwork which is usually just observed, often installation art begs to be interacted with. Sometimes the art beckons the viewers’ senses, including sound, smell, touch, and vision. This helps teens expand on what they normally categorize as engagement art, showing them that the fun of creation is in the risks we take, instead of in the highbrow and stuffy standards we are often told to hold artworks to.

It Uses Mixed Media

Installation art works with different types of media including paint, sculpture, and more. By giving teens the opportunity to work with different mediums, they can become well-rounded artists and also get a feel for who they are as creators, instilling a sense of pride in their art.

It’s Connected to the Digital World

Teens already consume a lot of digital media, and this may even help their ability to create installation art. This type of artwork has been influenced by computer art like video and film and many art installations may even include a digital component, which helps show them the intersectionality of art and the digital world.

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