Art Expanses (Grades 3+4)




»The next session begins March 1st «

Times: Thursday 5:30-7pm

Instructor: Mary Noonan or Rebecca Lundquist

Art Expanses art class is for children in grades 3 and 4. Students explore the key or fundamental aspects of art creation in this curriculum based art class. Students are fully instructed in the concepts of the projects while they explore their own creativity. Skills like drawing, painting, sculpture, art history, color theory and many other areas are covered. Many different projects are explored during a session.

»How our classes work«

  • Classes run for 2 month sessions. There are 7 classes per session. 
  • Session dates are Sept+Oct, Nov+Dec, Jan+Feb, Mar+Apr, May+Jun.
  • Tuition prices are for the 2 month session. 
  • Spots are held for current students. You must formally withdraw from class.
  • Materials are supplied for children’s classes.
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